Gut Health: My new obsession

While I haven’t been blogging like I promised back in January, I have been researching and contemplating various changes to my behavior and diet to improve my (our, because I drag Tom along on every experiment) health. A hot topic which has gotten my attention is gastrointestinal tract (a.k.a. gut) health. It is absolutely fascinating… Continue reading Gut Health: My new obsession

2020 with an Extra Side of Protein

It’s the end of the first full week of 2020 and I think all of us want to have already lost 10 lbs, but it’s doesn’t work that way for most of us. For first-time keto-ers, maybe, but the rest of us are already struggling with our own attitudes and desire to return to our… Continue reading 2020 with an Extra Side of Protein

Weeknight Meals #5 (2 weeks worth)

I feel like we finally got it back together after our multiple busy weekends and we had a successful meal prep/planning for the last two weeks. Here’s what’s been cooking: Happy Coincidence of Ingredients We had a combination of foods at our house that was either purchased with an unknown use (hello, Costco), left from… Continue reading Weeknight Meals #5 (2 weeks worth)

Balancing Act of Life

Perhaps you noticed that I took about a two week break from blogging. I got really busy and I had to let go of something. In keeping with one of my mantra’s, “Seeking Health/Life Balance”, (and, coincidently, the name of this blog), I had to let go of a couple things temporarily because I had… Continue reading Balancing Act of Life

Recovering from Cheating

Update: Follow @SeekingHealthLifeBalance on Facebook to see me go through the transition this week! I’ll post weigh-ins, ketone strip results, and what I’ve consumed. Tom and I just spent a wonderful 4th of July weekend with our family up in Oregon. And we cheated. Bad. Not only going back to a high carb diet, but… Continue reading Recovering from Cheating

Weeknight Meals #4 (3 weeks worth!)

We have a busy travel schedule coming up. I’m currently hanging out in the Houston International Airport waiting to catch a (quite delayed) flight to San Diego for the 50 Year Celebration of Jazzercise! I’m super excited for this weekend. It’s going to be such a joyful and energetic event! However, it definitely cuts into… Continue reading Weeknight Meals #4 (3 weeks worth!)