Follow my Keto Recipes board on Pintrest to see what recipes I’m interested in making next! Just be aware that sometimes I pin something that isn’t currently keto-friendly, but that I think I can convert to a keto-friendly dish. And, I’m sure this never happens to anyone else, I pin them in inconsistent categories, so sometimes they’re in Keto Recipes, sometimes they’re in Vegetables. Maybe I’ll fix that one day….

If there’s no link, the recipe is one we’ve created and I haven’t written up the recipe here yet. Bug me if you really want a particular one I haven’t written up yet.

Dinners with Leftovers

Vegetables & Side Salads

Sweet Treats

  • Stupid Easy Keto Mousse – 2 ingredients; sugar-free instant pudding mix and heavy cream
  • Coconut Cream Fruit Dip – substitute Swerve for the sugar (we use a bit less than the recipe calls for) and serve the dip in a small bowl and sprinkle raspberries or a few strawberries on top.

Get that Bread fix

Sauces & Marinades