About Me

Hello! And thanks for reading!

My name is Kelly and my husband and I started our keto/very low carb lifestyle change back in January 2019. Never one to start a journey without thorough research, I’ve spent a lot of time reading up on the diet with respect to how to eat and what effects it will have on your body. Now I’m expanding my research into various medical conditions where a keto diet is showing promise. My big interests for medical conditions are prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s and cancer.

I have been a Jazzercise instructor since 2006 and find helping my clients with their fitness goals, whether it be getting into shape or getting off blood pressure medication, to be extremely rewarding. I hope this blog will help achieve similar goals for my readers.

I have recently become a rep for Kiss My Keto, so if you are interested in adding any protein powders, oils, or supplements, feel free to contact me and please consider using my link to purchase along with the promo code KELLYKORE for a 10% discount!