Balancing Act of Life

Perhaps you noticed that I took about a two week break from blogging. I got really busy and I had to let go of something. In keeping with one of my mantra’s, “Seeking Health/Life Balance”, (and, coincidently, the name of this blog), I had to let go of a couple things temporarily because I had other things competing for that space. And I am trying to be okay with that.

I have also not been doing much focused research on the keto diet lately, but I have come across some topics that I want to explore and plan to write about, including intermittent fasting and resistant starches. I have been doing a few little things on keto to share with you.

Keyto Breathalyzer

One of those little things was purchasing a new keto toy! I bought the Keyto, which is a breathalyzer that measures the amount acetone you exhale. Acetone is one of the ketones that your body produces when breaking down fat. The body then sends the acetone to your lungs for you to exhale . The more acetone you exhale, the deeper in ketosis you are.

As far as the Keyto device goes, I like it. It’s super easy to use, the app is simple, you can take it anywhere, and you learn a lot about how your body responds to the food you eat throughout the day. And it’s definitely more pleasant that peeing on strips. I have been taking it to work with me and testing several times a day to see how my body reacts to the food I consume. Based on only one week of results, it seems my body takes about three hours to react to food I consume.

My results have repeatedly shown a drop of 1 point in the Keyto’s ketosis level about three hours after lunch This is making me think about modifying my salad to reduce the number of carbs. I’ll probably start by cutting back the number of tomatoes and cucumbers. A cup of tomatoes has 7 net carbs and a cup of cucumbers has about 4 carbs. I don’t put a cup of each in my salad, but those are the two highest sources of carbohydrate in my lunch. I’ll experiment with this next week to see what happens if I trim those and then decide how I want to craft my salad based on those results.


Another little thing I’ve been working on is baking. Believe it or not, it has taken seven months to clear our freezer and pantry of sugary treats! I am still shocked that we had that much! To be fair, we did consume the sugar treats very slowly and intermittently so we could remain in ketosis as much as possible, but I’m still amazed at how much we had! We still have two boxes of Girl Scout cookies and there’s no way I’m throwing those out! That’s the last of the traditional sweets hanging around, so now I feel freer to start experimenting with baking keto breads and desserts.

It is a whole new world to bake without carbs! I’m having to learn how to modify recipes and am trying new ones that contain ingredients I’m less familiar with than the traditional flour and sugar combo. I have made blackberry cobbler twice and am not quite happy enough with the recipe yet to share, but it’s close. I’ve been using coconut flour in the recipe since it calls for coconut flakes, but I find the resulting crust to be a bit grainy. It also burns really easily, so you have to cover it with foil shortly into the baking process. My next attempt at cobbler will include almond flour and hopefully that will solve the grainy texture.

Right now, I have pumpkin bread in the oven (yes, in July) from a recipe by It’s the first recipe I’ve made of hers, but I like her website and she seems to understand baking. She’s publishing a cookbook that I plan to buy after we try a couple of her recipes from her blog (assuming they are good).

Update: the pumpkin bread came out “okay”. The texture is there, but it’s a bit dry in your mouth, likely from the almond and coconut flour. The flavors are not as intense as I like them. Next time, I’ll combine her recipe with my traditional pumpkin bread recipe to see if I can get it closer to the original.

Cooper News

Since my post on Wednesday, we have decided to move forward with a raw diet for Cooper. I did some poking around on the internet for recipes and information on how to balance his diet. It is overwhelming. So many websites seem to be trying to intimidate you into not preparing food for your dog. They talk about how difficult it is to balance the diet of your dog, which I find a bit ironic considering how many websites out there are helping you prepare unhealthy and unbalanced meals for your humans!

Anyway, I also looked into purchasing raw food already prepared and I think I’ve found a good option, so we’re starting there. We’ve purchased raw patties from Visionary Keto Pet Foods. They are a company dedicated to making balanced keto meals for dogs. The cost came out a reasonable amount over how much it would cost us to make the meals ourselves, considering the convenience and tat it’s a small company. Once Cooper is successfully on this diet, we might reconsider making our own food, but for now, we’re going with convenience over price. Balancing, right?

We haven’t received our shipment of food yet, so stay tuned for Cooper updates as we switch him over to raw food! Honestly, it’s a bit scary as I have no idea how accepting his system will be to the new diet. We’ll start him out super slowly so we minimize the shock to his tummy and we always start our dog diet experiments on the weekends in case he has to go outside a bit more frequently…Hopefully it makes a healthy difference for him! If it does, we’ll switch Miss Roxy over to raw keto as well.

Aiming for Balance

Aiming for Balance. Photo Courtesy of Shaka Power Yoga

Hopefully life will slow down a bit now that our recent travels are complete and I’ll feel more in balance and have more time to spend blogging. I am enjoying this creative outlet which was one of the purposes in starting the blog. However, I will keep balance in mind as I choose where to spend my time and efforts so that we can enjoy our lives as they fly by!

As always, thanks for reading!

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