Quick Dad Update

I visited my dad this past weekend (and my mom), which is my excuse for being behind posting anything new. I flew out there on Thursday and got to spend the weekend with them talking about the hypotheses being tested with respect the effects of MCT oil and coconut oil on Alzheimer’s disease (if you missed my previous post on Alzheimer’s and MCT oil, it’s here). My dad has been taking MCT oil in his coffee in the morning for about a month or so now, but not a super high dose and this is the first time I’ve seen him on the oil.


My dad has started with MCT oil in his morning coffee. MCT oil and coffee are best friends. Well, really, caffeine and medium-chain triglycerides are besties. The caffeine appears to increase the efficacy of the fat, so pairing your coffee with MCT oil is ideal.

The new Alzheimer’s normal for my dad is that he communicates in short phrases and sometimes single words with gestures. The rest of the words just fail to make it from his thoughts to words. However, about an hour after he consumes MCT oil, he is communicating in full sentences! It’s absolutely miraculous! The full sentences last until a bit after lunch and by about 4pm, he is back to the short phrases, so the effects appear to wear off when he runs out of ketones. So the next logical step is to give him more ketones!

We added MCT oil to his dinner while I was visiting and, guess what? Full sentences returned in the evening! I’m still completely stunned at the immediate impact! We’ll continue to add oil as his body adjusts and they adjust to this as the new normal.

Per Mary Newport’s experience that she narrated in her book, “Alzheimer’s: What if there was a cure?”, she was giving her husband doses of MCT oil mixed with coconut oil 4 times a day: 2 Tbsp at each meal and 1 Tbsp before bed. Her best theory was to try to keep the ketones in his bloodstream elevated constantly so his brain had plenty to snack on and would therefore operate as close to normal as possible. This is our family’s goal that we are slowly working up to, allowing time for his body to adjust to high amounts of fat.

Interestingly, the brain preferentially consumes ketones (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4937039/). If both glucose and ketones are available, the brain picks the ketones to snack on. So, this means we don’t absolutely have to change his diet though that would be even better. A state of nutritional ketosis produces even higher levels of ketones in the blood stream and for availability to the brain, but I understand how large of a step and commitment that is. I’m still trying to influence some dietary changes, but at least we know his brain will choose wisely what to eat!

After pointing out to my father that he was communicating in full sentences right after taking the oil, he’s getting excited about the potential. That enthusiasm is make administering so much easier!

Exogenous Ketones

I brought him some exogenous ketones capsules as well and he’s started taking those. “Exogenous” simply means made externally to the body versus indigenous ketones which are made inside the body by breaking down food into ketones. For my dad, if all he needs are ketones floating around, this maybe be an efficient method for delivering them.

The problem that I’m still working on is how to quantify the ketones that are made by breaking down 2 Tbsp of MCT oil vs those that are delivered in 2 capsules of exogenous ketones. The bottle of capsules says they contain 800mg of BHB (Beta-Hydroxybutyrate) which is one of the fatty acids forms of ketones. There are three types of fatty acids that a ketone can be: acetone (yes, nail polish remover), acetoacetate, and beta-hydroxybutyrate. BHB is the most predominent ketone the body makes, so this one is the focus of most supplements. Check this blog out for more info.

We’ll be playing with my dad’s dosages of these exogenous ketones because it’s easier to take than 2 Tbsp of oil at every meal. He started taking the capsules at breakfast as well. Honestly, with him taking them in addition to the MCT oil, it’s difficult or maybe impossible to know how much one is helping versus the other. Perhaps he can take these at lunch to see if they give him the pick-me-up that the oil does. Stay tuned.

Need MCT Oil or Exogenous Ketones?

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Thanks for reading!

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