Weeknight Meals #3

Sorry, y’all. I got a bit behind. I headed out of town last Thursday to visit my dad for his birthday and didn’t get any writing done even though I had convinced myself I would get a bunch done. I planned to write on the plane, then the plane was TINY and there was no way to pull a laptop out and start typing. Anyway, back now, made it through the week and trying to catch up, so, at least, here’s what we’re cooked this week.

Sunday and Tuesday

We cooked up some shrimp scampi over biscuits. This is one of our favorite dishes that we had abandoned after trying a modification of serving it over cauliflower rice. Not the same at all. We’ve brought it back now that we figured out a closely-related substitution for the biscuits. I still want to play with the biscuit piece since I’ve seen some keto biscuit recipes recently, but for now, this fathead garlic bread is a good enough substitution. It’s not as fluffy as a biscuit, but it has the same flavor profile. I just leave the oregano off and don’t brown the butter, just melt it and pour over the top. I also added about a half cup of Mexican shredded cheese (don’t melt in microwave) since the original biscuit recipe for this dish called for cheddar cheese in the biscuits.

For the shrimp, they are simply peeled and dusted with almond flour rather than wheat flour. We have a recipe from https://www.cuisinelibrary.com/ that uses cilantro, chipotles, and plenty of butter and garlic. Pour the sauce and shrimp over the “biscuits” and it’s just good, rich, comfort food.

We cooked 2 lbs of shrimp and had enough leftover for lunch on today without the bread. It was great just straight. The butter sauce is yummy enough that we’ve saved the extra from lunch to pour over a ribeye steak this week (already looking forward to that!).


Tom cooked up some ground beef with taco seasoning over the weekend, so we turned that into tostadas. Very simple and quick meal. We fried up low carb tortillas in coconut oil so they were nice and crispy, then topped them off with the taco meat, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, avocado, and chipotle ranch. For the chipotle ranch, I simply mix ranch dressing and the adobo sauce that comes in a can of chipotles. We open a can and transfer it to a jar in the fridge. It lasts forever. I just dip my spoon into the jar for some adobo when I want to make the chipotle ranch.


We ran out of planned food because I insisted on using the large tortillas for our tostadas, and, therefore, all the taco meat. Oops. So, we made some huevos rancheros. Again, we fried up (small, this time) low-carb tortillas and a jalapeno sausage to share. Then, we cooked up two over-easy eggs each and topped them with shredded cheese. Add salsa, sour cream, and avocado and you have your meal.

That was it! Super simple dinners this week since I wasn’t around to help out in the kitchen last weekend. It’s summer, it’s a great time for simple meals and not spending hours in the kitchen. We’ve got a busy couple weeks coming up, so you’ll see more simple dinner ideas for the next three weeks.

Thanks for reading!

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