Managing Keto Cravings

When I talk to someone about the keto diet, I typically get a response like, “I just couldn’t give up <name your favorite carb>”. I hear pasta, potatoes, bread. I also hear this a lot, “I’m sort of doing keto”. You can’t “sort of” do keto. You are either in ketosis or you’re not. You can bobble in and out, but I’d call that very low carb or ultra low carb, not keto. My recommendation is to go all in for at least 8-10 weeks, then decide if you want to go ultra low or very low. For those of you saying “I can’t”, here’s how to solve some of those snack craving that you just can’t see yourself getting over. If you can get through 2 weeks (plan, plan, plan), then, most likely, those carb cravings will be gone! That was my experience anyway, but you have to go ALL IN. I’ll post about dinner cravings soon!

Tortilla Chips –> Chicharrones

Tom and I are tortilla chip addicts. It’s a major downfall for us and has probably contributed more than a few pounds to our waistlines. We love having guacamole and/or salsa at dinner, so, we had to find a substitute. Enter chicharrones (aka pork rinds). Took a couple different brands to finally settle on HEB’s Chile Lime as our go-to (sorry, out-of-Texas people). Yes, a tortilla chip still tastes better, but not better enough to knock myself out of ketosis.

Of course, guacamole fits in here as the go-to snack – full of fat and super tasty. Salsas are great too, just make sure they don’t have sugar in them (some store-bought versions do). Queso even makes the list but can be higher in carbs due to the high content of dairy milk.


You get to snack on cheese! We love good cheeses and they fit right into the ketogenic diet. We had to learn how to eat them without crackers and now, I prefer them without a cracker. The flavor is more intense without that extra blah carbohydrate (try the diet, you’ll see what I mean).


We keep hard salamis around the house to go with that cheese. On a Saturday, it’s a great snack with your afternoon cocktail. Other meat options are beef jerky, but many varieties have sugar in them (and more than you think!), so proceed with caution and read your labels.


Our go-to need-something-crunch-and-salty right-now snack.

Nuts are crunchy and salty and wonderful. They even come in flavors. They are fabulous and you can eat all sorts of nuts on a keto diet. Nuts vary in how many carbs they have, so check those labels. If the flavoring says the word “sweet”, double-check that label before purchasing. By the way, Blue Diamond just came out with some new flavors – I highly recommend the Over Roasted Dark Chocolate and the Salt & Vinegar!

Helpful little guide from Romato

As a variation on nuts, you can also feast on nut butters, but make sure you get the sugar-free kind. They are typically labeled as “natural”. Interestingly, in the peanut butter world, some of the ones with a bit of sugar in them have just as low carbs as the ones that don’t – it all has to do with the serving size. So, check labels!

Chicken Wings

We’re getting close to an appetizer rather than a snack, but, really, what’s the difference here. Appetizers are just pre-meal snacks. Anyway, chicken wings are on that list, BUT you typically have to go with the standard buffalo sauce style. No breaded and fried. No “sweet” versions. If you want to make them at home, simply bake the chicken wings and then roll in a butter and Frank’s hot sauce mixture. Dip in ranch and/or bleu cheese to your heart’s content.


Veggies and hummus are good too, but there’s 3g of carbs in 2 Tbsp so be aware! It makes a good snack as long as you like the vegetable part, just make sure you pre-measure your snack.

Thanks for reading and happy snacking!

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