Tell Me About What I Can Drink!

My favorite mixed drink. Just had to change the ingredients a bit and still enjoy!

It seems like every diet says NO alcohol, NO coffee, NO to everything except a boneless skinless tasteless chicken breast with a side of steamed broccoli. This is a big reason I like and feel successful with keto. You just have to manage what you want to eat, so nothing is really off limits. Which means, yes, you can still have alcohol! Funny thing, this diet has a tendency to reduce cravings and Tom and I have experienced this. And, that reduction in cravings has extended to alcohol, so we have been drinking less. That wasn’t something we were trying to do, but I’m sure that has helped with the weight loss.

You do have to be careful what alcohol you choose. Most spirits are carb-free. Stick with vodka, tequila, rum, gin, scotch, brandy, or whiskey and you’ll be good. Just remember these are carb-free and not calorie-free though.

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Many of those liquors are best served as a mixed drink. That’s where you have to watch it. The staple in Texas is the margarita – full of agave nectar and lime juice (a good one anyway). You will kill your ketosis with a Happy Hour house margarita (you know, the one from the slushy machine) for sure. If you have to have your margarita (which I do), try the Skinny margaritas that most places offer. I just upgrade mine to a decent tequila and I’m pretty happy.

Wines tend to be low in carbs, but not without them completely. A glass of dry wine generally has about 4 g of carbs. The sweeter the wine, the more carbohydrates. Here’s a guide for wine choices:

If you want a beer, pick a low carb version and just be aware of how many carbs are in that beer and manage the day so that you can afford a beer. Think light beers like Michelob Ultra (which is why I haven’t been drinking beer). Maybe you only have one and follow it with whiskey. Check out this page for ideas:

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So, yes, you can have alcohol. Your best choice to stick to, especially during the first couple weeks, is vodka and soda or a spirit you drink straight. Keep in mind, when you drink, you tend to start making poor decisions about food! Go into your cocktail hour with a plan on what you’ll order, stick to it, and enjoy!


Thanks for reading!

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