What do we eat? Part 2 Weeknight Dinners

So I don’t know about you, but we definitely have minimal time or desire to prepare elaborate dinners Monday-Thursday nights. Add on the demand to balance the macros in every dinner and it’s just too much to manage on top of the million other things that we all try to accomplish in a weekday.

Our weeknight survival method is to either have prepared something on Sunday with enough leftovers to last 3 meals or make simple meals Monday-Thursday.

Photo by Anne on Pexels.com

One thing Tom and I have on our plates 9 out of 10 nights is avocado. It’s like a Keto miracle food. High in healthy fat, it’s a great way to increase the fat portion of your macros. You’ll be surprised how hard it is to get your fats high when you take away the carb base that has provided those fats before (chips, fries, etc.). We either slice up the avocado and serve with a slice of lime or make guacamole which gets used as a topping or eaten with chicharrones (pork rinds).

If we prepare a meal from scratch on a weeknight, it’s frequently grilled meats: steak, pork chop, salmon, shrimp, hamburger, or a sausage. Keep it simple with spice rubs rather than sauces. Sauces tend to have lots of sugar, so read labels carefully. Pretty much all BBQ sauce is off the table unless it specifically says “no sugar” or “sugar-free”. I am working on my own recipe and will share once I get it perfected or, at least, good enough.

Meals that we cook up on Sunday tend to, more often than not, be some type of Mexican-themed meat which can be eaten in a low carb tortilla (aka tacos) or simply scooped onto your plates. Chicken enchiladas are also a frequent favorite. They’re super easy to make and satisfying. Check out my Recipe page here or follow me on Pintrest for some ideas. I’ll be posting our weeknight dinner plans along with recipes and a shopping list on this blog too so you can just steal the plan if you like!

We (try to) have a vegetable side every night, especially with grilled meats. With the staple of a potato off limits, we tend to have brussel sprouts a lot. If you just wrinkled your nose, I didn’t really like brussel sprouts before this diet either, but when you can cook them in bacon grease, they become amazing! Lately, we’ve been making them 2-3 times per week.


I love dessert and I’ve always had dessert every single night my entire life. Now, our dessert just looks a little different. The most basic treat we have after dinner is raspberries with dark chocolate. You will be amazed how flavorful and sweet raspberries are once you get the sugar out of your system.

Choose your dark chocolate carefully to make sure it has limited extra ingredients that don’t add carbs. Dark chocolate can be a good source of iron. I fight iron deficiency, so this becomes one of my key sources of food-based iron. If you don’t fight iron deficiency, then don’t worry about that part. I stick to Private Selection’s Dark Chocolate Chunks which you can find in the baking section of whatever flavor of Kroger grocery store you have in your town. If you eat 15 little chunks, which is the serving size, it equals 7 net carbs, so be aware, but they do offer 15% DV of iron. There are other more keto friendly brands out there. Lily’s Chocolate seems to be a popular brand, but I haven’t personally tried it. Kiss My Keto (use promo code KellyKore for 10% off) also carries chocolate bars, but I haven’t tried that yet either.

Keto-Friendly Food List:

I’d add a few items to this list, but this is a handy starting point.

Thanks for reading!

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