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Recently, I attended a health lecture by Mark Morrison of Invigor8 Coaching. He led us through an exercise where we took a 30,000 ft level look at our lives and rated how happy we were with different segments like health, social life, finances, home cooking, etc. I found I am pretty happy with most of them, except one. Creativity. I’ve never claimed to be a creative person since I don’t enjoy creating tangible art, so I had trouble coming up with Mark’s next requirement that we set a measurable goal to enhance the piece of our life that was lacking. Then I remembered that I had been toying with the idea of starting a new blog which counts as creative writing. And here you go.

I have three main motivations for writing this blog:

  1. My friends are asking for help: Tom & I changed our lifestyle a bit back in January and have made quite a successful step forward in optimizing our health.  We went keto, meaning on a ketogenic diet. It is definitely an on-trend diet right now and the two of us have seen dramatic results. As our physiques have improved, many of our friends have noticed and commented that they wish they could commit to keto, but are intimidated by the shift in their lifestyle needed to be in ketosis. Many of the comments were around not knowing how to get started, a lack of experience or desire with macro nutrient counting or uncertainty whether they could stick to the diet and see success.
    Tom and I in October 2018 hiking in Big Bend National Park. Healthy but carrying extra weight.
    Pre-Keto 2
    Tom and I in September 2018 before starting a Keto diet.
    Tom in April 2019 after 4-months of Keto and very low carb diet changes.
    Kelly After Keto
    Me in April 2019 after 4 months of keto and very low carb diet changes.

    Tom & Kelly - after Keto
    Tom and I in April 2019 after 4 months of keto and very low carb diet changes.
  2. Sharing Alzheimer’s Disease Treatments: My dad was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. His doctor has prescribed him the standard Alzheimer’s medication, Aricept, which only slows down the disease progression and only in some patients.  That’s not enough. I have started researching everything I can about Alzheimer’s and what other treatments are out there. Fortuitously, the keto diet kept popping up as a treatment, so we’ve started a journey of adding medium-chain triglycerides and ketones to his diet. I want to share our “alternative” treatments and results with the hope of helping others faced with Alzheimer’s and other related neurodegenerative diseases.

    If you have ever met my dad, you’ll understand why this photo is a perfect description of him. Our goal is to get his personality back.
  3. Sharing Treatments for Canine Cancer: Cooper, our 12-year-old tri-colored fur-baby, has been diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, cancer of the spleen and liver. The vet has given him weeks to months. Again, we’re not satisfied with that prognosis, so because of my research on Alzheimer’s, I’ve read up on keto as a treatment for cancer as well. Some cancer tumors feed off of glucose, so cut that supply off and the tumors can’t grow. We are currently moving Cooper to a keto diet and will post our treatment plan and results.

    Cooper, our 12-year-old fur-baby, as my crew mate.

I’m not really a long-winded person, so much of the entries may be short and have minimal photos, but I’d like to share our journey through Alzheimer’s with my dad and canine cancer with Cooper. Also, for my readers that are interested in making the transition to keto and/or a very low carb lifestyle themselves, my goal is to try to provide steps to convert to this new lifestyle, provide our meal plans with shopping lists and recipes, and hopefully some useful tips. I have been hesitating to write this blog, thinking I won’t keep it up, no one will read it, and I don’t know enough about what I’m writing about to be any authority, but my wonderful husband, Tom, has encouraged me to start and boosted my confidence that I have done enough research and have useful information to share, so here is my first entry.

I welcome your feedback and questions.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


19 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I can’t tell me how much I love this idea of yours! As you know Alzheimer’s has affected my family in many ways and I would love to hear your ideas as you search for answers to help your dad! I’ve always wondered about keto so I will certainly be reading your blog on meal planning and look forward to seeing your personal menus. In fact I was thinking the other day that I needed to reach out to you. Best of luck in your blogging! Much love to you and Tom 😘


  2. Kelly, I have noticed a positive change in your appearance. You look great! I’ll be keeping up with your blog to learn more.


  3. Congratulations on your lifestyle change and creative blog project. I think you have a real knack for writing and I look forward to following you on this journey.


  4. I like your writing Kelly! I am one who obsessively comments on your radiance. Thanks for telling me about your blog! Read all posts this afternoon.


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